Pleasant Fite Hooper, M.D.
Founder / Chief Science Officer
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Dr. Hooper has several years of experience in primary healthcare in a rural setting from his practice of Emergency Medicine across the state of Mississippi. He received advanced training in science at LSU and was recruited to implement clinical mass spectrometry screening for metabolic disease in children born across Louisiana. Under his direction, the Louisiana Office of Public Health Biochemical Genetics Laboratory, began expanded newborn screening in 2004 with over 100,000 tests performed. Several affected children were discovered by the tandem mass spectrometry method and treatment could begin prior to any symptoms of illness occurred. This successful program was interrupted by the damage of Hurricane Katrina to the New Orleans facility. Dr. Hooper became interested in the method of monitoring transplant patient anti-rejection (immunosuppressant) medications by mass spectrometry being pioneered in Europe. At the encouragement of his partners and collaborators, he undertook the effort to establish a mass spectrometry transplant monitoring laboratory in New Orleans. In collaboration with Tulane Transplant Program, a study was performed to demonstrate the effectiveness of mass spectrometry for monitoring immunosuppressants and to show the equivalence of obtaining blood from finger-stick (capillary) vs. traditional venous samples in testing. The results of this study are available in this website. Dr. Hooper then developed HomeTrakā„¢, a system for patients to obtain blood samples at-home and have their immunosuppressant drug levels and essential medical tests performed accurately and conveniently. Since establishing, TMS BioScience, Dr. Hooper's lab has performed hundreds of monitoring tests on patients - both for client hospitals and in the regional community by use of HomeTrakā„¢