Having problems enrolling patients in your clinical trials?

HomeTrak™ is the answer

Enrolling patients in clinical trials continues to be a difficult and expensive proposition. Patients are no longer willing to be inconvenienced, and if they are willing to participate, it is very expensive to compensate them for their time and travel expenses. HomeTrak™, the innovative method for allowing patients to provide their own blood sample with a simple finger-stick, has revolutionized the laboratory analysis of patients blood.

Many Pharmaceutical Companies and Clinical Research Organizations have realized that HomeTrak™ drives enrollment and compliance while allowing for better demographic coverage in clinical trials. A patient’s proximity to laboratory testing services is no longer a barrier for clinical trials.

What is HomeTrak™?

HomeTrak™ is revolutionizing laboratory services for patients the way home glucose monitoring did for diabetics. HomeTrak™ kits eliminate the need for the clinical trial participant to travel to a laboratory to have blood drawn. Participants can complete the blood draw from the comfort of their home, office, hotel room or virtually anywhere.

HomeTrak™ allows patients participating in clinical trails that require frequent or periodic lab testing to have convenient access to laboratory services. HomeTrak™ enhances compliance and allows many more patients the ability to participate in clinical trials.

How are the HomeTrak™ Kits used?

The kits include everything the patient needs to provide the blood sample. With a simple finger stick, the patient places six to eight drops of blood into the small tube and uses the pre-paid package to ship the sample to our lab. That’s it! The kit also includes patient-specific information tailored for their specific disease process or disease therapy.

Why HomeTrak™?

Cost Efficient Clinical Research

  • One source for laboratory services
  • No cost for patient travel
  • Enroll patients that would not otherwise participate (Geography, Cost, Travel, etc.)


  • Coordinated results of drug performance (i.e., proper drug dosage, effectiveness of drug, side effects experienced)
  • Patients avoid high areas of contamination (clinical lab, hospital or physician office)
  • Patients do not travel to the laboratory, hospital or clinic for the blood draw
  • Patients can use at work, home or virtually anywhere
  • HomeTrak™ can be administered anytime 24 hours a day


  • No need to work with numerous laboratories
  • More rapid and complete results of treatment regimen
  • No intra-lab variability of results

Money-Saving for the Patient

  • No lost work time
  • No lost time to travel or waiting room delays
  • No travel expense
  • No shipping costs

Certain Results

  • We use cutting-edge equipment (including, Tandem Mass Spectrometry)
  • Next day turnaround of results
  • Testing meets higher International Proficiency Standards