HomeTrak™ helping Specialty Pharmacies achieve
the desired patient outcome, and collect the data to prove it!

HomeTrak™ is now available for your Specialty Pharmacy to participate in the laboratory component of your patients’ care plans. HomeTrak™ will allow you to become pro-active in managing your patients’ medication regimen in careful coordination with their physicians. The pro-active approach insures better compliance and allows you to adjust medication levels to improve patient outcomes.

In this competitive healthcare environment, Specialty Pharmacies must do more than dispense the right drug at the right time to the right patient. Patient compliance is much more than patients taking their medicine. True compliance is ensuring patients are taking their medicines in the correct dosage, at the right time resulting in the desired results while minimizing side effects. HomeTrak™ is a value added service that helps providers better manage patients medication regimens and improves outcomes resulting in reduced overall healthcare costs. If Specialty Pharmacies do not add value, insurance companies will increasingly move pharmacy services in-house because they can do it cheaper. It is all about Cost!

What is HomeTrak™?
HomeTrak™ is revolutionizing drug monitoring for all patients the way home glucose monitoring did for diabetics. Patients can use HomeTrak™ kits for their drug monitoring and laboratory testing needs from the comfort of their home, office, hotel room or virtually anywhere.

HomeTrak™ allows patients on any medication or pharmaceutical treatment that requires frequent or periodic lab testing to have convenient access to disease specific laboratory testing. Testing includes drug monitoring, chemistry levels, organ function and other laboratory tests. HomeTrak™ enhances compliance and results in a better quality of life.

How do I use the HomeTrak™ Kits?The kits include everything the patient needs to provide the blood sample. With a simple finger stick, the patient places six to eight drops of blood into the small tube and uses the pre-paid package to ship the sample to our lab. That’s it! The kit also includes patient-specific information tailored for their specific disease process or disease therapy.

Why HomeTrak™?
Revenue Opportunity

  • HomeTrak™ provides an avenue for your Specialty Pharmacy to provide for the laboratory component for your patients resulting in increased reimbursement per patient
  • The revenue opportunity exists by outsourcing the laboratory function (HomeTrak™) to TMS, or by licensing the HomeTrak™ program through TMS


  • Coordinated results of drug performance (i.e., proper drug dosage, effectiveness of drug, side effects experienced)
  • Patients do not travel to the laboratory, hospital or clinic for the blood draw
  • Patients can use at work, home or virtually anywhere
  • Patients avoid high areas of contamination (clinical lab, hospital or physician office)
  • HomeTrak™ can be administered anytime 24 hours a day


  • No need to work with many laboratories
  • More rapid and complete results of treatment regimen
  • No intra-lab variability of results
  • Involvement in the laboratory component allowing for careful coordination of patient care

Money-Saving for the patient

  • No charge for blood draws
  • No lost work time
  • No lost time due to travel or waiting room delays
  • No travel expenses
  • No shipping costs

Certain Results

  • We use cutting-edge equipment (including, Tandem Mass Spectrometry)
  • Next day turnaround of results
  • Testing meets higher International Proficiency Standards